Environmental Plumbing

I provide turnkey solutions for both rainwater tanks and greywater systems across the Perth metro area to help build-in environmental sustainability.

Rainwater & Greywater Systems for New Homes

If you're designing a new home then incorporating water-saving features as early as possible offers a better, more effective outcome at a lower cost.

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Planning We recommend you discuss with me how water-saving features can become part of your overall plan for improving the environmental sustainability of your home. There is a lot of information out there! Our experience is that clients find it very worthwhile to have someone cut through to what’s feasible with their budget, lifestyle and what they're planning to build

If you plan on collecting rainwater then paying attention to the roof plumbing and stormwater collection at this stage can also pay dividends later. Knowing the size of what has to be installed and how it needs to be connected will give a better, cleaner design that just “looks right”

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Prelay We suggest that if you’re going to have significant garden areas that will need watering, then making your home greywater-ready is not only very sensible but costs relatively little. Plan for the necessary additional in-ground pipework at the prelay stage, even if the system is only completed and activated at a later stage.

For restricted sites underground water storage is an option too, whilst neatly allowing collection of more rainwater by removing the limitation of feeding directly of one or two downpipes.

Our services include review of site plans and discussion with both clients and architects to develop a water-saving plan.

We then liaise with builder and trades to ensure everything's right on site

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Supply Creative Clearwater Solutions can supply water tanks and greywater systems from one of our quality suppliers. Since we’re not tied to any one manufacturer or vendor we can supply tanks that best fit the space available in the desired style and material.

Service can include installation advice or assistance to the plumber or drainer.
"I chose Gareth to do the job because I knew he would think "outside the box" and come up with a good design. And I wanted someone that could coordinate between the various trades..."
Completion At completion, we will install a tank onto a pre-prepared base and hook up pumps. If a greywater builders kit was been put in at prelay, it can now be completed with pump and electrical connections, or left until a later stage

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Landscaping We install both greywater and scheme or borewater reticulation if required once the hard landscaping is in place