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Whole House System - Shenton Park

Example 1   

Postit note
  • Old inner-city property on narrow block with 100m2 roof area draining through one large downpipe.

  • With some careful design, 2 large slimline tanks were squeezed in up against the fence allowing water from this pipe to gravity flow into the tank.

  • The two tanks joined together give 6000L capacity
  • In this house, that's enough to supply all the indoor water for at least 6 months each year!
  • Solution - Tanks

  • The house was separated from the boundary fence by a 2m wide path and a 200mm wide raised bed, on top of which was the 1800mm Colorbond boundary fence. The garden of the adjacent property was some 50cm higher.
  • By removing the existing raised bed the two 3000L tanks (each 2.3m long x .85m deep) could be sited right against the boundary fence, still leaving adequate space to get along the path.
  • The weight of the tank acts as a retaining wall, and new brickwork at each end tied the tank recess into the main border.
  • Tanks are the EVO3000 from WA Poly Tanks in 'Rivergum' to match the Colorbond fence
  • Two EVO3000 tanks in Rivergum

    Solution - Pump

  • A submersible pump was used to minimise the noise
  • Pump is connected to an Onga water switch which is connected to both mains and tank water and automatically selects tank water if available
  • The mains water feed pipe had to be run from one side of a single storey extension to the other. The water switch output returns the same way.
  • The tank feeds laundry, toilets, garden taps and the hot water system, with the kitchen supplied from scheme water
  • Onga water switch

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