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Whole House System - Wembley

Making the most of what you've got!

Example 2   

Postit note EVO3000 tanks in Ironstone

Clients had previously done a makeover of their house in Wembley and were now remodelling their entire garden. This gave a great opportunity to significantly reduce their water use through using rainwater and potentially also installing a greywater system.

Solution - Tanks

  • Two locations were suitable for water storage - a long thin space some 7 x 1 metres between the garage and boundary fence at the back of the garden, or under a large new deck area.
  • With a main roof area of 200m2 and the new garage providing another 60m2, the logical tank volume to install would be at least 5000L
  • The big new deck was high enough above ground that flexible bladder tanks were one option. (See Rainwater Tanks. Although installation at the same time as deck construction would not have been too involved...
  • Joining 3 x 3000L slimline tanks together behind the garage made good use of a dead space, and made installation somewhat easier.
  • The distance from the house, and capture of 3 downpipes each draining some 50m2 of roof, meant that a simple gravity feed direct from the downpipe into the tank was no longer possible. Instead, each Colorbond downpipe to separate soakwells was replaced with a sealed pipe running underneath the new decking and lawn area to the tank.

    In this "wet" or "charged" system the water feeds into the tank by simple syphonic action will find its way to the tank because the tank inlet is lower than the rainhead.
  • Tanks are the EVO3000 from WA Poly Tanks in 'Ironstone' to match the house paintwork
  • EVO3000 tanks in Ironstone

    EVO3000 tanks in Ironstone

    Solution - Pump

  • A powerful submersible DAB Divertron pump was used to ensure sufficient pressure for this family home and minimise any pump noise when in the garden, and needs no float switch
  • Tank water is piped to the front of the property where mains water currently enters, and is connected to the cold water supply to the whole house with the exception of the kitchen.
  • A Rainsaver3 automatic changeover device or 'water switch' selects tank water when available
  • The tank feeds laundry, toilets, garden taps and the hot water system, with the kitchen supplied from scheme water
  • Rainsaver 3

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