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Rainwater to Spare!

Example 3   

Lots of water by also using a huge underground tank

Postit note View up the shaft

View up the pump shaft, with the PVC liner suspended down the side

Since the property also has a bore for garden watering, the owner will be self-sufficient in water for at least 10 months a year!

Solution - Surface Tank

  • Like many houses from the 1920s and 30s, this property had been extended at various times in the past.
  • A refurbished laundry and large patio roof were ideal to collect sufficient water to run into a 3000 litre slimline tank from WA Poly Tanks, located up against the boundary fence.
  • Supplies hot water system, laundry, toilet flushing, spa bath and irrigation water for patio plants
  • A water switch automatically changes from mains to tank water when available
  • Using a submersible pump inside the tank means the system is whisper quiet - very important when the neighbour's patio area is just the other side of the fence!
  • EVO3000 tanks in Ironstone
    "Gareth did a stunning job. Because he's always thinking of better ways to do things, the finished system was vastly better and cleverer than I'd imagined possible."

    "And he even painted all the feed pipes. Wow, it looks so swish!"

    Solution - Underground Tank

    Want to store more rainwater but haven't got space for a large tank? This disused 1200mm diameter shaft used to have a bore pump at the bottom to run the reticulation, and is a fairly common feature in older Perth suburbs.

  • The 12 metre deep well will hold 11,000 litres of water when completed - enough to last this house right through the summer.
  • The pump, pipework and ladder were removed and a new custom-made PVC liner dropped in.
  • New pipework captures rainwater from all the previously-untapped house downpipes and directs it down the garden to the new underground storage. A submersible pump then uses the water to top-up the smaller, slimline tank which in turn is connected to the house
  • Well liner at the surface

    Top of the pump shaft, with the PVC liner being attached to the concrete ring sections

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