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Rural Property does everything large scale

Example 4   

Postit note
  • Large house on a bush block in the Perth Hills
  • 900m2 of roof area yields nearly 1 million litres of rainwater per year
  • Water coming off the roof was causing erosion and offered great opportunity for a creative management solution
  • With plenty space for tanks, family can be self-sufficient in water for 9 months of the year
  • Two 160,000 litre tanks are each fed by half the roof area. One supplies the house, whilst the other maintains a firefighting reserve and can be used for reticulation
  • Solution - Water Collection

  • Client wanted some 300kL of water storage in total to supply the house and provide an adequate reserve for firefighting.
  • An automatic fire sprinkler system is being constructed to prevent ember attack in case of bushfire, operated by stand-alone diesel pump
  • Storage was split between two 160kL steel tanks supplied by Heritage Tanks (9.4m diameter). Existing site contours allowed one of these to be set into the ground to reduce the visual impact
  • Roof area was split into two zones each of 450m2. Downpipes are routed into a central underground filter (3P Technik) and a single 150mm pipe then runs downhill through the native bush into each tank
  • Tank water is pumped back to a Rainsaver3 water switch at the house, which is also connected to the scheme water pipe and automatically selects tank water if available
  • View of the site from the air (c) Nearmap

    preparing tank base

    Collector pipes

    Collector pipes

    Planning & Execution

    Creative Clearwater Solutions was selected to carry out the work because they offered to manage all aspects of this large project. This included:

  • Overall feasibility study and detailed plan
  • Planning Approval (required due to size of tanks
  • Site surveys
  • Coordination of earthmoving and trenching
  • Construction of almost 600m of pipework
  • Plumbing connections
  • Collector pipes

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